Fine wines made in Maremma, Tuscany with the complicity of the perfect terroir. Lots of sun, some good wind, and little rain. Grown organically with sustainable practices. Good for you and for the environment and so for everyone.

Wines handcrafted with love and care using traditional methods and innovative tecniques to let the grapes realize their full potential.

These are the wines of Cupirosso.

Cupirosso is  a boutique winery, organic and sustainable located in Maremma, on the coast on the southern tip of Tuscany, an unspoiled, unpolluted  territory. We are in Cupi, at the border of Uccellina National Park, few minutes from the sea, blessed with clean air, innumerable sunny days and a breeze that cools the hottest summer hours.

The perfect spot for growing vines and make excellent wines. Though Cupirosso story has just begun, our wines have already been noted and mentioned in the best Italian wine guides as well as in international and national wine magazines.

Visit us in Maremma to try Cupirosso wines !